Monday, July 20, 2009

lazy summer

I love summer! Especially when the weather is nice. Every day we've been up to the new pool, well at least every day that it hasn't rained and it's open (closed Sundays). The girls and I are there for at least 2-3 hours and today we will be doing the same but going again for FHE when Kirk is home. I wonder how many other families will be doing that this Monday evening? Oh well, we have a pass and we are using it!

Truly I have much I could, should do around the house and even outside but I have NO energy to even start them.

Tonight, after our FHE swim we are dropping the girls off at my mom and dad's for a few days so maybe I'll get some stuff done while their gone. We'll see.

So I just want to know what are you making for suppers on these hot days? We haven't got AC through out the house, just one of those Costco Portables but I still can't do any baking/cooking. Even boiling noodles and frying hamburger can be unbearable on these hot days. And our BBQ is out of propane and we can't refill it in Raymond so it has been an non BBQ season thus far.

So please send me your ideas for suppers on a hot day!


The Spencers said...

I remember those lazy summer days last year while I was pregnant. I too had so many things to do but seriously no energy. So I totally feel for ya. I love the pics of you in the last post. You are looking so good. Good luck with the last trimester, I'm sure it'll go by fast. For suppers, what my mom does is a lot of crock pot suppers. She puts the crock pot out on her deck though so it doesn't make her house hot. We do a lot of BBQing. But we have AC so I also use the oven. Oh, there is an awesome cook book out there for crock pot dinners. It's called 101 slowcooker dinners. I love it and use it all the time. It has all sorts of diff. dinners in there. Anyways, good luck!

Christal said...

Hey sounds like a good summer so far! As for bbqing fas gas has propane where you take the empty tank and switch it kind of like they do with water refill. Anyway thats what we've been doing or lots of salads, smoothies or nothing ha ha!! ttys

Krista said...

I was going to suggest the same thing - crockpots are a GREAT summer saver.
That and sandwiches.
And just snacking all day long so you don't have to actually MAKE supper ;)