Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1 year Survived

So you may or may not remember this past post. Well it's been a year and I'm still breathing and smiling and learning. Here are some FYI's about our Primary:
1. We have 89 primary Children
2. Our Jr. Primary is Sunbeams to CTR 7's in which each group has 2 classes (except the Sunbeams) and our Sr. Primary is from CTR 8's to VAL 12's, 1 class in each group.
3. We have 28 Nursery kids
4. We now have 2 nurseries
5. My Second Counselor is prego and due the middle of August
6. My Chorister is prego and due the middle of September
7. I'm prego and due the first week in October
8. My second Counselor is prego and due in February
9. My counselors and I take turns doing sharing time for one month with a class doing it on the 3rd Sunday
10. We will be having our Primary Presentation on November 15th this year because of the baby boom we are having.
11. Sometimes I go up to the church Saturday evening and set up the chairs for Primary so I don't have to in the morning.
12. We have our Teacher Improvment meetings during Sharing Time. Works great!


Janas Bananas said...

28 nursery kids!! That is insane!!!!! good luck with all the babies, I am sure you are doing an amazing job. congrats on the one year mark..I bet time just flew on by!

mom said...

WOW!! thats all there is to say. You're incredible and ya good luck with all the new additions. Aunt Char