Monday, August 31, 2009

not even 2 hours

go by and I have my LL coming in the house with tears steaming down her face because her "best friend" told her they weren't "best friends" anymore. What to do , what to do? I sat with her and tried to get the whole story as to why these words were said because I'm not going to assume LL was an angel in the situation and nothing could be her fault. Girls can just be mean and take things so personally. I asked her if she thinks she's only allowed 1 "best friend"? She thought yes, I told her no and that we just need to be friends with every one and that our "best friends" should be the most important people in the world...our family. I don't know maybe that's too much for a almost 8 year old to understand but I really don't want my girls thinking they have to have a "best friend" outside our family but to just be a friend and treat everyone with kindness. Is that so much too ask? She's now gone back over the the "best friends" house to apologize...I asked for what? did you say or do something you need to apologise for? She said no but that she just wants to. What do I do with that? First day back in school and my biggest worry has begun. Friends?Girls?Mean?Why?


Krista said...

Girls are mean universally. We need to stop!

Janas Bananas said...

I think there is not much you can do, I have not found too many problems with my girls or the other girls at school, thank goodness!! But there has been a few more with Baileys group of girls then Halles.... I think all we can do is just to teach them how to deal with it...And it sounds like you are already doing a good job with that. I always just tell my girls they always have somewhere to go where someone always loves them no matter what and that is what is important. ANd to always remember that other peoples words hurt only if we let them, and thats what they want to do is make us feel bad about who we are. And to feel good about who we are because you know you are good and Heavenly Father knows you are good. I tell my girls just to walk away from people when they act tlike that and tell them when they are ready to be nice then they will play seems to work, they say the girls come play with them again later and they both then say sorry......sooo?? who knows, its a age old thing that will never go away.....ever!! Arrrgggghhhh girls!!

Godlonton Family Adventures said...

Oh girls suck! Gracie actually came to me last year in K because some girl told her she didn't like her and wouldn't play with her! We are lucky in the fact that there are 120 kids in K (now Grade 1) and she has many to choose from. But I told her the same thing. We need to be friends with everyone and just walk away from those who are mean. But girls just suck. I'm not looking forward to the next few years!

Stephanie said...

girls are horrid.
the only thing i can think of to say is: i have some super fab friends now, and girls sucked when i went to school. thankfully we all grow up and find "real" "nice" girl/friends!!!!
sadly.. the parents always get the worst of it - hang in there!!!