Monday, August 31, 2009

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that's all I can think of for the's kind of sad isn't it! But what isn't sad is that the girlies are back in school. *PL is in grade 5 and *LL is in grade 2 and my main concern this year is FRIENDS... I am so worried about that, girls can be sooooo mean.
*NJ will be doing one more year with Parent Pre School because 1 I didn't want to pay for 4 year old preschool, 2 it was booked so fast I don't think I would have got her in anyway and 3 I need a little helper when this baby comes. So last week when getting school supplies I picked up a few PreK books from the dollarama for NJ to do at home with me. She was so excited this morning after we dropped the girls off to get our her homework. So we did. We are starting on the letter Nn this week (for working on her name she prints it backward every time) and the number 1. She has a bin with all her work books, pencil bag complete with scissors, crayons, markers, glue stick, pencils and construction paper. We're just going to have some fun together for the next 5 weeksish at least until babe #4 comes, then things may change a bit but I hope to continue to work on this PreK stuff. My baby NJ is growing so fast, I put a pair of size 6slim jeans in her drawer because I was too lazy to put them in the bin down stairs and yesterday after church when she change out of her dress she put them on and guess what... they fit great. My 4 1/2 yr old is getting too big for my liking but like I said previously she'll be a great little helper when babe #4 arrives.

As for PL she's excited to have Miss Olsen as her teacher. This year Kirk and I decided that because of PLs pickyness we weren't going to buy her any new school clothes. Sound mean? I don't care... 2 months ago she begged for this skirt/shirt set that matched LLs so we got it for her... she wore it once I washed it and now it doesn't fit right!? WHAT!? You've got to be kidding me. So when I seen the Parent Link Center was have their annual Clothing Exchange I told PL that's where she would be getting all her school clothes and shoes and guess what she did and she's happy as a clam and it didn't cost me a thing. wootwoot

LL is just excited for now to be doing something new. LL isn't a school lover even though she is an excellent student and has so many friends. She got a few new school clothes but not many as 2 years ago I bought PL lots of cute stuff from Kalispell, size 8, and she didn't wear any of it more that twice so I packed it up and when I went through my many bins of clothes to declutter before the baby and the move and for the clothing exchange I found them and they all fit LL. I swear she has 40 tops and 20 bottoms, and 10 skirts and sweaters. She has 3 huge drawers and it all barley fits. I tried to purge some of it but they're all just so cute and practically brand new. Same goes for shoes, PL lives in crocs and flipflops so any other shoes she got years ago where barley worn and LL is fitting them.

Also not sad is that we are moving right along with the building of our home. The weeping tile and gravel is complete as is taring the basement. Kirk has back filled about 3/4s of the outside basement and the floor trusses came on Friday. The electrical line will be trenched out today so we can run a temporary electric line for Kirk to use to build and the Truss company says the roof trusses will be delivered this Friday. Also we got all the bank stuff signed on Sat so we are doing quite well for things moving along, for now anyway. Hope it stays that way.

Babe # 4 is a mover. Not really a time when I don't feel this little one doing acrobatics, I only have 5 weeks and can't believe how much the little one can still move in such a limited space. I am ready to be done but don't want the pain so I'm really not ready. Yes, I've decided to still have this babe in Raymond and sadly they don't have an epidural option so pain is inevitable. Any suggestions for pain relief send them my way. Thanks.
*PL-Pacey LaRae, LL-Laina Louise and NJ-Nevee Jane from now on will be initial in posts

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