Thursday, November 12, 2009

getting stuff done

I've been getting stuff done and out of the way. A good friend of mine threw me and ASH a baby shower. These are the "thank you"s I gave to all those who thought of us.

Then we had LL's baptism and ASH's blessing on October 25th. It was such a special and spiritual occasion. My dad was even ordained a High Priest, by his brother, at the end of it all. We are so blessed! I also made a "thank you" for LL to give to all those who gave her gifts and participated in her getting baptized, similar to ASH's but with a pic of her, of course. I would show it but it's in a tiff file and blogger doesn't support that file.

This is the Primary Presentation Pizza Party invitations I made. It went well and we are excited for it tomorrow!

On Nov 6th we, on parent council, did the Character ED assembly on the word INTEGRITY. We went with a rainbow theme and prompted everyone to dress in rainbow colors... this is how I looked. you just can't see my pink knee high socks and yellow and orange striped leg warmers and green flipflops.

It was fun! Just hope the kids remember what INTEGRITY stands for...
Be Honest ... don't lie, cheat or steal
Be Reliable ... keep your promises
Have Courage ... even when no one is looking

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Angie said...

I loved your slide show of Ash! So Sweet!