Friday, July 16, 2010

House progress

This is a major picture overload....34 to be exact.
Here's the process of the house from Sept/09 to April/10.
Thank goodness for the Picker Truck the guys own.
It made things a lot easier and faster with large walls and trusses.

This was the biggest wall they put up. NJ and ASH's outside wall.
More walls built and up.
North side view of the house. Just missing the dinning room and kitchen walls.
My hard working handi man. Love this guy sooooo much!
NJ's bedroom window to the left and ASH's to the right.
Dinning room wall and back door in the kitchen. Fire place to the very most right of the pic.
Pic from the front entrance. Stairwell and hall walls still to be made.
Putting up trusses. Niels, Mark, Brandon and Everett came to help this day! Thanks and hey sorry for the hammer falling on your head dad... Kirk still feels bad!
Just gotta love the Picker!
My Lover!
Look at the progress!


Shingled and some windows in.
Drywall stage and mud and tape. Master Bath.
Master bedroom
I'm looking through the door of our walk in closet. In front of me is the hall way to NJ and ASH's rooms (to the right), and mainfloor bathroom (to the left).
Looking into the kitchen/dinning room from the front living room widow.
Looking at the living room, front entrance from the kitchen patio doorway.
Pantry and place for Fridge and range.
Looking to the hallway to garage entrance (first door on your left and NJ's bedroom straight ahead. Stairwell right below.
Getting the garage floor ready for concrete. You can see we have 2 entrances into the house in the garage, one to the main floor and one to the muddroom in the basement (just under the the door above.
Primer any one?! Yes! Kitchen area.
Doors anyone!? YES!

You can see some decking done through the windows!
Master bedroom with some color! Looking toward the Master bath.
Color in the hallway and you can see in NJ and ASH's rooms.
Color in the main kitchen/dinning room.
Main room.
Cabinets in and hardwood being laid! LOVE IT!

Well that's ALL I've got so far. I'll get some more pics taken and posted soon. We just love it! Thanks to my hard working hubby and all his knowledge, he literally did 80% of the work on this house... if not more! Love you so much Kirk!!!!

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Kathy T. said...

Looks fantastic! Good job Kirk!