Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turkey and Teeth

For Thanks Giving my brother and his wife invited the whole fam to come to their house for Turkey Dinner. My mom, however, had already booked a hiking trip through the Grand Canyon that same weekend, not realizing it was Thanks Giving. However terrible weather, flash flooding and tornadoes came in and the trip was canceled so they all flew home just in time so we could all enjoy a great Thanks Giving weekend and Dennis and Robyn's hospitality. We had the BIG dinner on Sunday, after church, and Robyn's brother and wife and Sister and kids came to join us. It was excellent!

Before we headed to their place we went through PL and LL's Faith in God Books and decided to so work on the first service goal. We read the scripture of the Good Samaritan and then were challenged to plan a service project to help some one out. We decided that Den and Roy would probably need some help raking the leaves at their place as they have a lot of trees. So that was the plan. We let the rest of the fam know and on Saturday at about 4 pm we headed out with our rakes and got their whole back yard done in about 1 hour. We just piled it onto a big cement pad in the middle of their back yard and then the girls jumped in it and we got some cute family pics, except that PL was in a mood and only looked up in one of them, the little stink!

Roy also planned to clean our and the girls teeth, she is a Dental Hygienist, so on Monday we headed to her office and 4 hours later we were all descaled and florided up! What a sweet thing to do and she wouldn't even let us pay her anything. She saved us like, $1000, I swear.

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Jules said...

lol, I didn't know that's why we were raking up leaves! I just thought we were wanting a big pile for the kids to jump in lol.