Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LL is 9

On October 14th, 2001 Kirk and I welcomed a chubby, 8 lb 2 oz baby girl into our lives. We hope you know how much we love you LL!

She wanted an "Artist" party so we found blank canvases at the Dollar store with paint and brushes in the back. We got out Kirks work shirts for them to all wear and away they went painting up their own creations to take home. I didn't get a picture of them dang it.

So to go along with the theme I made a cake to look like a painters pallet. Not too bad looking anyway.

Kirk and I only had one thing for her on her Birthday and that was a Columbia pullover sweater. So we wrote her a letter of our love for her and that we would take her out on a date, just her, Kirk and I.

LL reading our letter to her.

So a week later we took her to the movie, Despicable Me, and then to Marble Slab for an ice cream treat! We made the night all about her. Listening to her and talking about her. I know she loved it and the other girls can't wait for their Birthday now so they can have a date with us.

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