Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ready or not

Christmas is in 17 days and we're not ready! I wish we were. We still have a few more family members to get something for, namely, my brother-in-law, and sister-in-law and both my parents and then of course something for Kirk and my grandparents, oh and friends and neighbours, and I guess we really haven't finished our kids. Wow it looks like we have a lot to do now that I've actually listed it!

On my families side, Kirk and I are the only ones with kids, so far, and so we still pick names. This year we decided to go with initial gifting. With the person you chose, you take their initails and buy a gift starting with each one, so 3 gifts if you have 3 names. Get it? Anyway, I have the initials RDM for our SIL and Kirk has NHJ for our BIL. Should be fun to see what we can do with this! But does anyone have any ideas? Kirk already hates the idea and is thinking he'll just buy some Nerds, oh Henry bar, and Jersey milk and then buy what my BIL really would like. lol We'll see though.
My parents are not easy to find something for but then they are. A couple of years ago I wrote them each a letter, thanking them and sharing with them what I've learned from them and bore my testamony. They both showed more love and thanks for that then any other gift I've given. But I've done that, so now what? Any thoughts out there?
Grandparents will be pretty easy - mixed nuts anyone? and a new family picture! (which we haven't done yet)
Friends and Neighbours will get either a Christmas treat or ornament or May your Christmas be Merry and "Sprite" or.....?
The kids are mostly done we just have the dreaded S.A.N.T.A. gift to get which may be a new DS game but PL can't find hers, so now I'm not so sure it's a good idea. But then if she can't take care of things it's her loss and she'll get what ever else S>A>N>T>A has for her, right? I try to get what they ask for when they write their letter's to the Jolly ol' Soul but LL keeps asking for a laptop (sorry not happening) second choice was a DS game and NJ is asking for a Zuzu pet (which she is getting from a cousin)and second a DS game and PL was asking for an Art Easel (which her grandparents are giving her) and second art supplies. So I guess I should just go with art supplies for her, right? And DS games for the other 2? ASH is getting a Wheel Pal that moo's when it roles forward.
Ya know sometimes taking the time to just type it out you can really work it out!!
Oh and then Hubby, dearest, decides we should have a
S{A{N{T{A family gift consisting of books, Wii games, treats, movies, board games etc. I like the idea, just wish we didn't need to get every one an individual gift from Chris Kringle himself!
I really do love the Christmas season! I just hate the expected gift giving. I love to give and think of special things to do to see a joyful smile but the expected thing really erks me. I try to be simple and, somewhat, thrifty every year but it doesn't always work that way. I hope this year works the way I plan!
So all you who may read my blog, please let me know how you celebrate the Christmas season!


Jenie said...

Christmas always stresses me out up until I finally get organized after that I love the Christmas season.

Godlonton Family Adventures said...

This doesn't really help this year, but I heard of someone that buys 1 gift every month...then by Christmas she's done! That's hard with kids because they always change...we also told our kids that Mom and Dad have to 'pay' Santa for supplies to make the they understand they are asking for a gift not putting in an order!! LOL! Good luck with the hubby gift...I can never think of anything great for Dust. As for your parents, how bout a picture video thing? We give one every year to the grandparents with pics and video clips of the past year...they love it.