Friday, December 31, 2010

Finishing up 2010

2010 was a great year!
Sure we had some ups and downs. Fun times and not so fun times and
a lot of RAIN!
2010 at a glance

* I turned 32 and went up to a local hair dresser and had my hair colored and cut.
* For one of our Family Home Evenings the girls made a "I am a Child of GOD" mirror
* There was lots of snow, so snow women were made
* I made mini pizza's with a great crescent roll recipe
* I learned PL likes to do some chores
* My little man is growing up so fast as are my girls
* PL got new glasses

* NJ turned 5 at Disney Land
* We made the trek again to California and had a blast
* Ash got 2 teeth while there
* It was so cold at home
* My Orchid bloomed again, the girls gave it to me when I had ASH
* No more swing for ASH, now he gets to use the high chair

* We mostly had pictures of our house that we were building this month
* We tried ASH with some rice cereal, he didn't like it much

* PL turned 11 this month
* More house pics
* Still trying ASH with some solid food

* We celebrated Mothers Day and Kirk and My 13th Anniversary
* It was pretty warm so we took out the Sea Doo's to Ridge Park
* Had some pretty sunny days and wet ones too

* Celebrated my Grandpa Irvine's would be 100th birthday with almost every one on the Morton side
* Fathers day was nice, the primary honored the dads in the ward with GIANT cookies
* Cousins having fun on the home made tram and dressing up
* ASH loves tubs in the new sink
* Organized a heart shape with all our Primary children in our ward (missing about 15 though)

* Cousins in the Parade as Clowns
* Lots of water fun
* Camping, Hair buzzing, Concrete drive way and popsicles filled up our summer

* Waterton Park for a Bowlby Reunion
* Climbed Bears Hump with our little family....awesome!
* Made a scarecrow for the Fall Ag Fair and got 1st place ($20) woot
* Made pizza buns in my new convection it!
* Major frog central with all the rain we've had
* Park Lake with the cousins

* Made the girls a "wipe" board with materials seen in the collage
* Schools IN and my baby girl NJ is in Kindygarten, PL grade 6 and LL in grade 3
* Baby Bronson was born (Nephew)
* ASH turned 1 and got 4 molars

* Turkey dinner at the Morton's in Ponoka.... HAPPY THANKS GIVING
* LL turned 9, WOW
* Spent Halloween with a mad scientist turned wizard, Skeleton girl turned wizard, Skeleton boy turned bunny and Jessie from toy story
* I made mini cheese balls for a Halloween party Kirk and I were invited to, they're suppose to look like eye balls

* Kirk turned 33
* Weather was kind of nice in the beginning and great for flying kites on one day
* Baby nephew was blessed
* Got some cute pics of the kids one day
* Baby blessing (nephew), ambulance rides, cold days for Kirk to stay home

* Full of Christmas Cheer
* Kids seen Santa twice, ASH didn't like so much
* Kids in Christmas PJ's
* Kids got sooooo spoiled
* Had Christmas at our house with the Morton Clan
* Oh Christmas Tree, mine spins, what does your so? hahaha jk
* ASH was so sick with a fever for 5 days, now he has 3 eye teeth
* Family is what's important, Kirk took our family pics

So there it is 2010 at a glance. I think I'm ready for 2011 now!

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The Spencers said...

Wow, busy year for you guys. What a great idea, doing a recap of the year. It was fun to read.