Sunday, April 17, 2011

Digging a little deeper

I am wanting/ready to dig a little deeper in the many areas of my life. I want to learn, ponder, create, make time, make memories, be productive, teach what is truly important & change. Sound like a lot?! IT IS! But I'm ready to try and make many important changes in my life that puts me on the straighter path of JOY.

This last week was a week of pondering for me as I have been called as a Relief Society (RS) teacher in my ward. I teach the 3rd Sunday lessons (from the manual), which was today, hence, my ponderings were about my impending lesson.
HONESTY - what does it mean to you? What would it be like to live in a totally honest world? What does it mean to be honest in ALL things? Who would have thought this one word would be LOTS to ponder? Some of my favorite passages and quotes from it are:

President Brigham Young said, “If we accept salvation on the terms it is offered to us, we have got to be honest in every thought, in our reflections, in our meditations, in our private circles, in our deals, in our declarations, and in every act of our lives”

When we speak untruths, we are guilty of lying. We can also intentionally deceive others by a gesture or a look, by silence, or by telling only part of the truth.

When we are completely honest, we cannot be corrupted. We are true to every trust, duty, agreement, or covenant, even if it costs us money, friends, or our lives.

It was great being in RS today! I learned from and throughly enjoyed being with the sweet sisters in 7th ward. It was brought up, "what do you do if someone asks you how you like their hair do or outfit, etc. and you don't particularly like it?" That brought many comments and thoughts. This is what I realized with honesty in those situations, we need to live our lives in accordance with the standards and commandments our Father in Heaven has set for us, then we will be prepared so we can act and respond with honesty, however the spirit directs.

On another note, I've been surrounded by sickies. Yup, our family have finally succumb to the pukes, or at least 3 of the 6 of us. It all started with NJ who was sick for about 5 days and then it hit ASH a few days ago (he's now on the mend, I think) and today we have LL who began yesterday morning with the upchucking. Our tv and dvd player haven't ran for this long for, who knows when?!

Last week was a full week for me, Monday I had one extra sickie at home, Tuesday was lice check at the school and I was set apart as a RS teacher, Wednesday was PAC meeting, finished up lice check and cookie dough distribution at the school and girls piano, Thursday was no power for 4 hours so I brought the girls home from school early and then there was singing and dance and a Epicure party at a neighbours. Friday Kirk stayed home and we went in to Leth to get some groceries and Easter stuff and then a movie night with the kids and getting their hair in sponge curlers for their dance pictures on Saturday. Saturday was also a clean the house day and get my lesson finished day and thankfully some great friends invited us over later that night to play some games and visit. Sunday Kirk and NJ and PL went to sacrament meeting while I stayed home with LL and ASH until he came back so I could go teach RS.

So to end this post I'm going to ask a question ... How do I look in these glasses? Honestly!? I just got them through and I just don't know if I should sent them back or keep them.


Tisha said...

Keep the glasses! I love them!!

The Spencers said...

Sounds like you've had a crazy week. Hope everyone is feeling better. We've been through that this year too...not fun! You look good in the glasses, I vote keep!

baileyball8 said...

I say keep them, I think they look good.

Godlonton Family Adventures said...

Love the glasses. Jerilynn just got some and they look pretty similar, very cute!