Monday, April 4, 2011

There has been so much going on around here that when I want to Blog, there just hasn't been enough time, today is the same. However, today I am wanting to just stop by and list some things we've been up to (pictures may come later).

  1. Went to California for 18 days (including traveling)
  2. Went to Disney Land (still Kirks favorite place to go)
  3. Came home to SNOW!!!! March 1st
  4. Helped girls catch up on missed homework
  5. Was released as Primary president
  6. Got ASH in for his 1 year shots (yes we are late)
  7. Our Stake went through some boundary changes, I'm still in 7th but we did get a new Bishopric
  8. ASH turned 18 months on March 27th (here we come nursery)
  9. Took PL to her first YW conference
  10. Watched LL in her Wackadoo Zoo concert - so cute!
  11. April 1st I finally had NJ's 6th birthday bash with 10 of her little friends (No Joke either)
  12. April 2nd at 10:52am I officially have a 12 year old!???!
  13. PL turned 12 and had a spa birthday party with 6 great girl friends!
  14. Watched an amazing General Conference and learned so much!
  15. As of today getting ready to take the girls out of school at 10:30am so we can watch NJ in the Kawanis Festival. She is singing a solo "So you wanna be a Pirate".

Here we are at a great Park near the College of the Desert in Cali.

Hope to get some longer periods of time so I can post about our latest Cali adventure and show pics of my, ever so growing fast, kids.

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