Monday, April 18, 2011


NJ lost her first tooth, way back in January, just a few days before we went to Cali. It was wiggly for a couple of weeks. One day after school we were driving around, doing last minutes errands, and she pulled it out, all on her own, just sitting in the back seat.

teeny tiny bottom tooth

She lost the one right beside it when we were in Cali eating at the local DEl TACO. She was pretty happy but worried the tooth fairy wouldn't find her in Cali. But the tooth fairy did and because we were in the US she left NJ american $.
close up

So this post is titled LOST so here are some things we've lost:

Just before our trip we had the breaks serviced in our van. A couple days later I noticed the back hub cap was missing, so I called the people who worked on the van to see if they had it, they didn't, Dang it! So I guessed I lost it somewhere on the high way. We had quite a bit of snow piled up around the town and then got some NICE weather and low and behold, under that now melted snow, not a block from my house, was my hubcap. I pulled over and picked it up and when Kirk came home he put it on. I can't believe how one missing hubcap can make your vehicle look so white trash. lol

Pacey lost her red DS somewhere back in October 2010. She remembers playing it when we went to Dennis and Robyn's and since then we can't find it.

And then there's a little T-Rex, off of Toy Story, that we got in a 7 pack of Toy Story characters, that went missing somewhere in Cali. We hope Kirks parents can find it when they go back.

When we were packing for our Las Vegas trip Kirk got out is bathroom kit and there he found all the trailer insurance papers they had been looking for, for about a year. Too bad they had just paid for some replacements a few months ago. lol

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