Tuesday, April 19, 2011


For the last 2 years the girls have missed their Valentines school party, but they alway make some for their class before we leave for Cali. This is what they did this year for their friends.

We improvised, as I was going to spray paint them white and make red heats with their thumb prints. But I misplaced the spray paint, and the thumb print just didn't show up very well on the cardboard. So we went with the natural look. They had fun decorating with makers, crayons, stickers and such, and filled them with a few valentine candies.


The Spencers said...

I've loved reading your posts. Sounds like you've been so busy. My girls can't wait till they lose their first tooth! NJ was so brave! Cute idea for valentines. I went the easy way out! Maybe when the girls get old enough to basically do their own, then we can do something fun!

Salina said...

I just have to say awesome post and what wonderful pictures.... Now Foods