Saturday, April 30, 2011


* NJ calling and saying sorry to a friend she was SO upset with, after she calmed down.

* mopping my floor and ASH following me and leaving little footprints in the wetness. Along with a little slipping and sliding.

* Waking up to ASH with one eye swollen shut.

* being sent to PEDs, for ASH, in Leth just to start an IV for antibiotics, to no avail, and then being told they want us to stay the night. I was so not prepared.

* Easter Bunny coming on Saturday even though ASH and I were still at PEDs and the girls out at my parents.

* Coming home after school and finding water in our basement. 3-5 feet from the wall into the room around the whole basement but 1 room. Having family come and help and neighbors put in a new sump pump and lend a floor fan.

* Playing cover your ACES with great friends.

* going through everything, because of the water, and purging lots.

* Kirk taking us to Marble Slab because we worked so hard to put our basement back together.

* PL working so hard on her Faith in God to get it done this week because the Bishop challenged her. I can't believe I have a YW in my home.

* LL practicing her piano without complaint and reading more and more.

* Kirk giving ASH a horsey ride and me teaching him how to hold on.

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