Wednesday, May 11, 2011


14 years later!
Time has sure gone by fast since Kirk and I got married.  So how fitting is it that we celebrated by seeing Fast and Furious 5.  It was awesome, might have even been the best one yet, and you have to wait 'til the credits are 1/2 over to catch a clip of what the future may hold?!  So good!  

On another note as I mentioned before I made some updates to my blog and one that has totally changed 
and made things so much easier to add a post and picture.  here's what you do if you haven't already:  
go into your DASHBOARD, then click into DESIGN, click on the
 SETTINGS tab, and scoll to the bottom of the page where it says:

Global Settings (Applies to all of your blogs.)

Select post editor 

I was clicked on OLD EDITOR but changed it to UPDATED EDITOR and the lasted features are wonderful and easy to use, thus far, anyway.  I think the PREVIEW and UNDO buttons are my favorite so far.

Make sure you click save settings or apply to blog or both when making changes and updates. 

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