Tuesday, August 2, 2011

12 years ago

Kirk and I welcomed our first baby girl,  On April 2nd, 1999 (Good Friday)  PL was born at 10:52am.  She weighed 7 lb 9 oz and was 19 inches long and had lots of DARK hair.

Now she's 12 years old and weighs around 85 lbs and is 5' 1" tall and has dirty blond hair.  Her birthday this year was on a Saturday and we threw a friends party for her.  A SPA party to be exact.
opening gifts from us

She found this Lilo and Stitch picture holder in DownTown Disney store but ran out of $.
So we sneakily got it for her for this day!

She'd been wanting a hoodie with the finger holes and we finally found one her size.

We played musical nail polish.
Each girl had a color and they passed them around until the music stopped and they had to paint one toe nail with that color and then pass around again until all nails were painted.

Spa facials with homemade sugar scrub.

Such fun girls!

She got a lot of make up and spa stuff.

12 things about PL
  1. She wears a size 7 1/2 shoe (I wear a size 6)
  2. The last time she wore jeans was in kindergarten - only yoga pants for her.
  3. She only likes long dress socks, if she has to wear them.
  4. She loves Stitch 
  5. Her favorite colors are baby blue and lime green
  6. She loves long flowing skirts (even if they look like pioneer ones)
  7. Hates really tight clothes
  8. She chews her finger nails 
  9. Just started to wear training you-know-whats and she hates it
  10. She loves to spend her $. It's like it's burning a whole in her pocket to save it.
  11. She like to eat pasta and sauce and Caesar salad
  12. She's now a beehive in YW's and loves it!

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The Spencers said...

I've loved reading all your posts lately. I have to say that Pacey is such an amazing and nice girl. My girls still talk about her and how nice she was to them. It made their day. I can't believe you have a YW!!