Tuesday, August 2, 2011

6 years ago

Our little NJ arrived on February 18th, 2005 at 3:15am weighing 7 lbs 11 oz and 20" long with lots of silver like hair.  Our 3rd child and 3rd daughter.  Kirk was in school at the College and it was almost reading week so he got to be home with us for an entire week!  

Since Kirks parents bought a place in California we have taken advantage and headed down there, during reading week, for the past 3 years.  Because NJ was born on the 18th her birthday inevitably lands in this week, so she hasn't been able to have a friend party.  This year we were determined to have one before we left but it didn't happen to on APRIL 1st we threw one for her.  This is no joke!!  lol

The decore

She wanted cookies instead of cake.

opening gifts
She had 10 friends over and you can tell!

The girls played PLACE THE KISS ON THE FROG but I didn't get one picture of it.  But they had fun putting on bright read lipstick and kissing the picture of the frog prince.

We also played some balloon games, opened presents and then had some birthday cookies.

On her actual birthday her grandma Hall took her shopping at the outlet mall so we could set up for her birthday party and surprise her.  We used napkins for the puff balls and xtra large cupcake liners for the streamers.  A little wrapping paper and a boughten "happy birthday" sign from Old Navy and we were set.

Birthday decor in Cali

NJ's birthday brownie cupcakes

blowing out 6 candles

Opening gifts from family

 6 things about NJ
  1. she loves stories
  2. she remembers EVERYTHING! even if you don't want her to
  3. she loves snuggles
  4. is determined to learn what ever she wants, eg. she taught herself how to ride a 2 wheeler, to swim (doggie paddle) and now to read.
  5. loves to play dress-up and do her hair and make-up (the fake stuff)
  6. she is always willing to say prayers, family, food and her own personal ones

our beautiful 6 year old
weighing 52lbs, 54" tall with blond hair, blue eyes.  Wearing size 13 shoes and size small or 6x to 8 clothing, and growing up so fast!

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