Thursday, January 5, 2012


What a wonderful Christmas we had this year!  I really tried to keep it more about giving from the heart with the kids and I think we did alright.

Christmas EVE  day was spent at my parents with the fam.
This year me and my siblings drew family names rather than all of us putting in names.  We got Dennis and Robyn.  We found some old Disney records for their record player.  And a gift card to Timmy's.  Julie and Niels had us and we scored a gift card to Boston Pizza!  MMMM can't wait for that date!
Opening their new to them Disney records

As always the kids get spoiled by their aunt, uncles and grandparents.

PL love zebra print,  grandma surprised her with some more fun zebra things.

We have a wonderful dinner and fun visiting and relaxing.  We got home around 8:30pm just in time for the kids to get ready for bed.
Christmas Eve tradition open PJs and new Christmas tree ornament.  The girls got fancy shoe ornaments and ASH a Buzz Light Year ornament.

On Christmas morning we videoed everything and didn't take one picture.  Hopefully we can get those videos up here one day.  Anyway this year was the first year ever the girls got up at 5am!  WHAT!  So we drug our butts out of bed and enjoyed watching them open their stocking and gifts.  They were done by 6 so we went back to bed.  At 9am I heard little pitter patter of feet, ASH was up. We watched him open and play with his gifts and then got ready for the day.  We got to Kirks parents at 10:20ish and had breakfast.  The kids played and then we all got ready for church.  We enjoyed the spirit of the meeting and being with family.  We got back to the inlaws at 2:45pm and then got ready for the kids to open their gifts.  We still have the cousins draw names so they were all supper excited to open.  Again they all got spoiled!

LL loves unicorns and got one from Taza.

ASH loves Cars and this little racetrack.

Another tradition, take a picture of everything the kids get. 

NJ and her fun gifts.

PL and her gifts

ASH and his fun toys.

LL and her gifts.

This is what they all got to share!
Christmas Time was a great celebration and we know we are truly blessed!   

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