Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New year New age

It is now 2012 and I am now 34 years old.

This is my 2012 goals for the year post.  None of them will be done perfectly everyday, but I will strive to try.

 So in no particular order:

  1. Don't eat after 8pm
  2. Drink 5 glasses of water before i can have my diet pepsi
  3. Call my siblings once a month (at least)
  4. Invite a family for supper once a month (at least)
  5. Read scriptures every night before bed
  6. Go to the temple once a month (at least)
  7. Get up and ready first thing in the morning
  8. Blog once a week (at least)
  9. Make a "healthy" Supper every night
  10. Pray every morning
  11. Wear a necklace every day
  12. Say at least one nice thing to each of my family members every day.

Out of all of them #7 has been the hardest but I really want to master it.  Getting up in the morning and getting ready, hair, make up and all.  I really like my pjs and no bra wearing mornings and especially on days like today, -40 with windchill!  I just want to lounge around in my comfy clothes and wrap up in a blanket while the bread dough is rising/baking.  But I also want to be ready for whatever may need me, outside of my home, at a moments notice.  So getting ready for the day, first thing, will put me in that place of "ready and willing".   

The easiest should be #11 wear a necklace everyday but in fact I found how hard it was to clean the toilet wearing one.  Any cleaning really was a tad more difficult with a dangly thing around my neck, getting caught on something or falling into something.  I may have to add something to it like "when all my chores are done" or something.  

The easiest one is probably # 9 as I have been doing that for that past year.  By healthy I mean making sure a garden salad, fruit salad or steamed veggies are with it.  I try to plan the whole month for supper meals and then purchase anything I need on 10% Tuesdays (1st Tuesday of the month).  I also make double of some things to put one in the freezer for next months meal or whenever I'm in a pinch.  

2012 here I come!

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Kathy T. said...

Great goals! Love the necklace and inviting a family over! Go Tina!