Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I have a teenager!!!???

April 2nd 1999 Kirk and I welcomed our first bundle of pink into this world.  PL turned 13 and chose to take cash instead of having a party!?  We celebrated just with family.  

DQ Blizzard Ice Cream cake!

Reading our card and getting the ca$h!

I found a new love for paper doilies, they sure add a little pretty to decorating.
And of course love the tissue paper pompoms!

Happy Birthday Pacey!
napkins and plates

Grandma Morton made her this quilt, the Star pattern is what Pacey picked.

13 things about PL:
  1. she like the colors blue and lime green
  2. she still has some baby teeth
  3. she has a hard time saving $$ even though she wants too
  4. she loves Stitch from Disney
  5. she's read the Hunger Games series
  6. she can sleep until 11am if we let her
  7. she loves to be around friends
  8. she tries hard at everything she does
  9. she loves being in percussion in band class
  10. she is has a little boy crush but she's not obsessed (thankgoodness)
  11. she loves YW's and her leaders
  12. she is a homebody most of the time
  13. she is MY favorite TEENAGER!

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