Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Years have past

literally years have past since I last posted.  In those years I did think about blogging, even had posts in mind to blog about, but I never found or made the time to make them.

Here's hoping I start up again and keep it up.

In this moment of life:
PL is in gr 9, she's quit band, loves sewing and is taller than me!

LL is in gr 6, she's loving YWs, she's crushing on boys and is taller than me!

NJ is in gr 3, she's taking piano, she's enrolled in 2 basketball camps and she almost fits my shoe size!

ASH is in the Early Learning program, he was diagnosed with delayed speech but he is improving lots.  He loves Super Heros and has just learned how to play the xbox. He is double jointed.

WL....who is that you wonder?!  Wynsor Lee came in to our family on July 15th, 2013. weighing 7lbs 11oz & 21" long.  She is a blessing we've waited and tried for, for a while now and we are so glad we finally got her!


Julie said...

Love it!!!

The Spencers said...

Yeah you're back!! Love reading about you and your family!