Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 on the go

A New Year always gets me excited for goal making.  Last year I didn't even make least I can't remember making any.

However, after our March RS Stake meeting, involving 4 different classes you could attend in a 2 hour block, I found something I only ever completed once and would always begin but never finished, and I was then determined to complete it again.  

So I made a commitment, to myself, to read The Book of Mormon by the end of the year 2013.  Now I've started this book more times than I can remember and always seemed to quit around Words of Mormon. So I decided I would start in Mosiah and read to the end of the book and then begin at the beginning, and read until Mosiah.  

I bought a nice little note book to become my Scripture Journal (this blog has great ideas) and some colorful pens and began my reading and journaling.  I learned new things, I received personal revelation, some to do with what I was reading but most had nothing to do with it.  I know that because I WAS reading this special witness of Jesus Christ, our Heavenly Father poured out blessings and gave me answers and thoughts I needed at that time in my life.  HOW WONDROUS IS HE!!!!  

Even on our trip to Hawaii in April I made the time to read.  I love the LDS Library app on my phone! It made reading so easy and convenient.

July came and as I anticipated the arrival of our 5th baby I still made the time to read, I was in the book of  Ether when she did make her a debut.  She became my new focus for a while.

It took me to October to finally finish the last, 30ish, pages to the end of The Book of Mormon.  And then I had to find the time to begin the book from the beginning to read the first 145 pages to complete the book in its entirety.  

December 31st, 2013 at 4:40pm I felt pure joy upon reading the last words in the Words of Mormon "..., and also the prophets, did once more establish peace in the land."

FINISHED but never ever done.

Well that was last year so now on to this year.   2014 is now on the go and these are my thoughts:

  1. Complete the "Come Follow Me" study guide I bought from here.
  2. Recycle all that I can.
  3. Take more pictures.
  4. Slow down and see all the joy around me.
  5. Be more prepared in any and every way.
  6. Learn and teach my family the importance of taking care of ourselves, including stopping the fat talk.
In this moment of life:
WL has cut her first tooth, she will be 6 months next week.  
NJ started the Steve Nash basket ball camp today. She got a pretty nice jersey and a basket ball, it ends in March.  
PL is learning how much we love her...I hope. 
LL excitedly recorded the first baby food WL inhaled this evening.  
ASH got to play Lego Lord of the Rings xbox with his dad and loved every minute of it.
Kirk didn't have to work today but worked on the 2 house plans he's drawing.
I got my hair cut, not short or anything, just cleaned up.  

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