Thursday, August 23, 2007


It is always hard to find out someone you know has passed on from this life. This time is no exception. Darren Gene Powlesland passed away on Monday, August 20 due to a single vehicle accident. Darren was a childhood friend, we grew up in Del Bonita together. He was 1 of the 5 in my grade out in Del Bonita. He will be sorely missed by many. He was a insatiable guy who always had a sheepish smile. Last I saw and spoke to him was in June 2006, to let him know about our upcoming 10 year High School reunion. I asked him to let me know of some of the things he had done in the past 10 years and he told me he felt like he had done nothing great worth mentioning. But I'm here to say Darren touched many people, he loved and was loved by his many many friends. They say you can count a man's worth by how many friends he has and Darren you are of SO much worth. Thank goodness for memories and pictures! We will miss you here but we know you are just that one step ahead of us and someday we will be right there with you!.

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