Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pics, pics and more pics

So here are some pics from this summers activities. Hope all had a great summer, even though it went by sooooo fast.

Canada Day Celebrations in Raymond!



Laina and Auntie Robyn

Hall Summer Lovin' 2007


Kourtney said...

Tina! It was great to hear from you! Your girls are so big and gorgeous! I will totally add you to my faves so I can check your blog all the time!

Krista said...

Your pics are way too cute!
Oh hey, I haven't asked in a while - how is the work out/weight loss thing going for you? I took the summer off essentially and went in to my gym yesterday for the first time since June. Oy! My body is feeling it today!

rebecca said...

such great pictures Tina!!!