Friday, March 7, 2008

Gaining control

So the first thing I'm trying to gain control of is my sleep habits. I used to get into bed and say my prayers at 11:20pm and then drag my self out of bed at 7:45am to feed the girls and help Pacey off to school. Once she was gone I'd go lay back down for an hour or more (how bad is that!) not in a full sleep as my other 2 girls were still up and playing. Then I'd drag myself out of bed again and help Laina get ready for school, get lunch for us and go around for the rest of the day tiding up and such and then start all over again.

Thanks to the writers strike there hasn't been much on TV that I've wanted to watch and therefore I turn it off at 10:00pm or earlier, when I'm ready for bed I kneel down and say my prayers and then read one chapter in the Book of Mormon (I'm at Alma chapter 28) and one story in the Ensign (this month is GREAT). Then I snuggle in and sleep until about 7am, (the time my kids have started to get up) and I STAY up! No more being a lazy bum and going back to bed in the morning! (I do stay in my Pj's for a few hours though). I feel a little tired but it passes quickly and I feel better, plus I'm not being a bad parent anymore!) Anyway just thought I'd share the first thing I'm trying to take control of.


Krista said...

The whole sleep thing is hard! I had to start making myself go to the gym in the morning after I'd taken the kids to school so I didn't curl up and go back to sleep till Brogan came back home at 11:15. I find it a whole lot easier to keep going if I get OUT of the house!

Jenie said...

Way to go Tina!

angienalder said...

Hey it's Angie and I tagged you. Go to my blog for instructions. If you've already done it tell me were in your archieves. How are you. I loved reading your blog. I went hunting for other cause no one blogs in my world. Have a great day!