Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Time is NOW

I've always been told the older you get the faster time goes by. I believe it's true. I can't believe that my baby is going to be 4 in February, that I have a 7 year old let alone that my oldest will be in the double digits in April?! How did this all go by so fast?
So I say to myself "The Time is NOW!" to live each day with meaning and accomplishment. I'm not saying I'm going to make myself busier but I want to do something memorable each day even if it's reading a book to my girls, or actually writing in my journal (you know the kind you need a pen for) or acknowledging something or someone for something or getting that run in (just for you Becka). You know those little things that fly by sometimes with out us noticing or taking the time to do them.
On another note we had a great Christmas! Hope you all did too. We stayed at my parents Christmas Eve and on to Christmas Day. The girls had so much fun opening their gifts and seeing what we all got. Then on to Kirk's grandma Hall's in Leth for Christmas Day dinner and then to the grave yard to light the candle in the ice blocks on Grandpa Hall, Grandpa Jensen, and Clayton Hall's (Kirk's youngest brother who died 16 years ago) graves. After our traditional Silent Night and family prayer there we headed to Kirk's parents for a Christmas story and more gifts, games and food. Even though we only live across town from his parents we spent the night in their spare room and had brunch with all the family, again. We rode the quads and made snow angels, watched movies and ate.
We finally came home that night at about 10pm and had the most wonderful sleep in our own beds. *sigh* The next day girls played with all their toys and I headed in to Leth to weigh in, at 9:30am. And I'm proud to say that from my weigh in on Dec 17th to this weigh in on Dec 27th, with all the big dinners and foods laid around the table I only gained .6 of a lb. WOOT WOOT! I got home in time for Kirk to go to work for 3 hours and while he was gone got all the Christmas stuff packed away for next year.
Pictures will be posted when I get them on the computer and I have some time, right now I'm getting our Primary ready for the new year, new manuals, classes and teacher changes for next week.
If I don't get time to post before I want to send out a


ME! said...

I hear ya loud and clear!!! Although last year mine was on a bigger scale and I wanted to look back and say "I did THIS or I accomplished THAT".. and I did! I think daily is a great one. I got a journal this Christmas and thought -just what I needed-
Keep us posted on your 'dailies'.
Happy New Year!!!

Angie said...

Happy Holidays! I loved this post.

Becka. said...

You can DO IT! :)

Cheryl said...

Very inspiring. We stopped by on Christmas Eve and left you a little treat. I hope it was still there and okay, probably a little frozen lol.