Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Been upto

... lots and nothing at all, really. On the nice days the girls and I are at the pool.

Pacey's back stroke

Pacey's Class

Laina's front stroke

Laina's Class

Nevee'e back float

Nevee's Class

By the way this is our new Aquatic Center. Nice eh!?

Nevee coming off the Red slide.

Here's the lot we bought.

We had it dug on August 12th and the footing forms were put in on August 13th.

On August 14th they poured the footings in the pourin' rain.

This guy here amazes me everyday. He does so much and is such a wonderful father and loving husband. I just can't put into words how great he is! I love him to pieces and am thankful he's in my life everyday.

Here's some new baby bump pics. Me at 31 weeks (August 3rd)

So that's all I have right now, hope to get more posted in a few days. And just so you know I am so not looking forward to school starting in 12 days plus I'm not ready I haven't done any school shopping yet.


Krista said...

Very exciting ... on all fronts!
New pool, new house, new baby!

Dawn said...

Whats going to be done first? Baby or house?? lol