Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 2011

IS GONE???? What!? I can't even believe it!

This new year we started out with Kirk getting our back splashes on in the Kitchen and Master bath. Yup he worked at it all New Years Day! He still has a few things to finish like, the master shower and tub surround and behind the stove. A couple more cold days and he should get it all done.
Due to sickness and such PL and LL's Christmas piano recital was held in January, instead of December. They did great and after, we met the cousins for a night of bowling in Leth. (I put a pic of Nevee, in the new dress I bought in Las Vegas at The Rack for $11 and the cardigan for $12, instead of a pic of my big butt bowling. Seriously Kirk could not have gotten a worse shot of me. lol)
Did ya notice I mentioned Vegas? Yup I got to go to Vegas, on my birthday even. We left on Sunday the 16th at 1pm, so with a lay over in Seattle it was a full day of traveling and airports but it also gave me a 25 hour birthday because of the time change in "the city the never sleeps".
Kirk's company always goes to the World of Concrete show in Vegas. I've now been twice and have to say it is interesting to see all the new and innovative products and technologies that deal with concrete one way or another. It is however getting smaller than it was a few years ago because of the economy in the US. We ran into a guy Kirk went to school with and asked if things were looking up down there. He said nope. In fact he and his wife were approved for a $350,000 mortgage (with her working) and went to buy a house a few months later but at that time she was on maternity and they were no longer approved for that amount but then found out that the house they wanted to buy dropped in value by $50,000. I guess this house was originally a $750, 000 house. Crazy eh?
Anyway, we were with Brandon (Kirk's brother) and a home builder they work with and we met Kirk's parents there. We stayed in the Luxor, which was ok but not ok for where it is located, not really near anything. We went to 2 shows, both of which I liked and really enjoyed. The Lion King was excelent and the Blue Man Group was so entertaining.

I got some shopping in at the Outlet Mall and a few other stores like The Rack and The Bass Pro Shop. Good thing we brought another luggage bag that was pretty much empty, so we could get it all home without paying for another bag to be on the airplane. lol We were gone for 5 day, home Friday night at 9pm. a BIG THANKS to my sis Julie and her hubby Neils and my mom for watching the kids for us. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

Here is our little man with some mile stones and some just too cute not to post pics: 1.He loves to be naked! 2. and is starting to play with his toys more and more. 3. He loves to watch movies on the Touch. 4. making a mess eating ravioli. 5. & 6. Getting his first hair cut, so cute. 7. & 8. He rarely falls asleep anywhere other than in my arms or in bed. 9. 10. & 11. A little photo shoot of the outfit gramma Hall got him when he was first born (size 18 months) it now fits.

Also this month, but pics haven't been unloaded from the camera, NJ lost her first tooth, on January 26th.

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