Monday, February 7, 2011

Take a deep breath

It snowed! Again! A Lot!

I take a deep breath and try to go to a happy thought. I am reminded of what a friends take on snow was. She said "beautiful", "magical", "so sparkly". I think I have to agree! The Lord makes this happen for reasons we may never know and some we do. It is really amazing to see and really look at. I know it's cold and a pain to get around in but it really does "SPARKLE"!

Another thing I've always noticed is that if I had to choose rain or snow, I'd go with snow, at least you can still go shopping in and out of stores and not get soaking wet, but with rain you're pretty much in for a soaking wet day unless you want to pack an umbrella, and a wet one at that. But that's me.

My dishwasher sucks! Really I hate it! It doesn't get my dishes all that clean and it takes FOREVER, like 5 hours for a normal load. I've tried all the trouble shooting tips and all sorts of different detergents and make sure it's right full of Jet Dry. Yesterday I went to use it and it stopped and had 3 blinking light come on to say that there is a "low water level error". I'm doing dished by hand which sucks too but at least they they won't have any stuck on food and spots. I called it in and because we are going on a holiday for 2 weeks they can't come until March 3rd! They only work one day a week in my area. Guts!

Guts is my new "bad" word. Have any of you watched Ramona and Beezus? SOOOOO CUTE! I love it and that's where I get "guts" from. Rent it for the kids and watch it with them!

I'm a nail biter! I have been my whole life and I can only think of about 5 times I really stopped long enough to grow some seriously beautiful nails. Well this is number 6 and hopefully the final time. Yay me, now I can feel relief when I scratch and itch and washing my hair feels even better and no more hang nails and cracked finger tips. Love them!

I mentioned we are going on a holiday. We hope to leave on Friday but it might be Saturday. We are headin' south baby, to California. I'm ready for some sunshine that will give me a bit of a burn. We've done this now 2 times, this being the 3rd. We drive it so it's not too bad on the wallet and with Kirk's parents having a place to stay at it really helps keep the wallet padded. That is until we go to the outlet mall and use it up! This year we hope to just relax and will most likely go to Disneyland for 2 days. I was showing my hubby something on a friends blog and he noticed her using those big bags you vacuum suck all the air out of for storing clothing not in use. Great idea, so we are going to pack all our clothes that way for this trip. I will only have 1 outfit per each of us (maybe 2 for ASH), swim suit and pj's, packed in a luggage bag, for the one night in Utah, on the way down. I hope it gives us more room in the van! We have a topper and we usually take out one of the middle seats and put 3 rubber totes there, filled with clothes, activities and food. But with the clothes being vacuumed sucked maybe we'll eliminate a couple of totes? We'll see! Now to start packing and getting the van ready.

Speaking of the Van, we took it in to get an oil change and the break pads and something else fixed a couple of weeks ago. The next day, I washed her up, at the local car wash, and notice we were missing a hub cap. I called into the shop, where we had her fixed, to see if they forgot to put it back on or something. They didn't know anything about it. So several days later I'm driving down the street to get home and there, on the side of the road, was my hub cap. Yay now we don't look so much like white trash. Seriously hub caps make a vehicle look good!

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Godlonton Family Adventures said...

Oh have fun with your trip. It was so nice down here today, played ball with the kids in shorts!! We use the vacuum packs when we've come like a charm! Have a nice relaxing trip! I'd say maybe we'd see ya, but we are actually heading up to San Fran for a visit!