Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Do Re MI Fa So and so on

The end of September there was auditions for the play The Sound of Music, to be performed in Raymond in March 2012.  

NJ wanted to try out.  I reluctantly said sure, but deep down I was nervous for her.  

When the time came I took her right after her dance class and there was already a line up.  When the started handing out slots she got #35.  She was trying out for Marta. 

The first 5 auditions took 1/2 hour and it started at 6:30pm  By the time they got to #11 NJ said she was hungry so we went home so she could change out of her dance clothes and eat.  

We got back up there at about 8:15 and they were at #29.  Wheew.  She sang The Emperors Underpants and read a Barbie School Days book.  She did great and was enthralled with all the other performers and made us stay for another 1/2 hour because she wanted to watch everyone.   

In October we received an email saying they had cast every one for the major roles and would contact her in the future if they needed her.   She was disappointed but we reminded her we would be going to Cali again in February and at the auditions they specifically said they needed everyone there in February for rehearsals and such. (I made sure at the auditions they knew we would be gone for 2 weeks in Feb). 

Then we recieved this email:

        From: Michelle Dick
Subject: Sound of music
Date: December 7, 2011 7:10:26 PM MST (CA)
To: asalarae@telus.net
Reply-To: Michelle Dick

 Hello Nevee. I apologize for the late notice as an error was made by me when contacting my cast. We would like to offer you the role of Gretl B in our production this spring. If you accept please let me know as soon as possible.   Thanks! 
Michelle Dick
Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

She was ecstatic and for sure we replied with a "She'd love to!  We'll be waiting for further information."

So my little NJ was now going to be playing Gretl B in Raymond's The Sound of Music!  

Later on when she realized it wasn't Marta she threw a tantrum and told us she wasn't going to be in the play anymore.  We encouraged her and told her Gretl was the "baby" of the kids and therefore she would be the most fun to play.  She warmed up quickly to being Gretl and was getting her few lines and solo's down real good.

On January 11th Kirk took her to her practice where they made a change.  NJ was now going to be Marta A because her and Marta B were the same body size for the costume, whereas Gretl A and (the previous) Marta A were the same body size too. So Marta A became Gretl B.  Confused?  It doesn't matter my little NJ is now Marta A in Raymond's productions of the Sound of Music.  I am so excited and nervous and scared and PROUD of her!


Janas Bananas said...

I am sooo impressed! She is Maceys age, I can't even imagine Macey even having the concept to do something like that..seems sooo grown up!!! Amazing!! Good luck and how fun to watch your baby girl get up there and do that!! I am soo excited for you!

The Spencers said...

That is awesome. She'll do great. You'll have to let us know when the tickets go on sale. My girls would absolutely love to come watch. After my girls watched her sing a song (by herself), Cadence insisted on getting up there and singing!! My girls are so shy. That's so exciting.